Simoco SRM9030 Plus P25 Mobile Digital Radio with Display Console

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SRM9030 Plus Mobile Radio

The SRM9000 mobile radio series provides leading edge radio communications.

The functionality provided by the unique Xmode platform ensures it will meet your current and future needs. SRM9030 mobile transceivers are highly customisable and can deployed in many configurations.

The SRM9030 Plus (P25) is available in 3 frequency bands and has boast worthy digital features, no stone has been left unturned in the design of this radio.

It is supplied as a complete kit including the standard microphone, SRM9030 Plus Console Head, RJ45 Extension Kit, Slimline Loudspeaker, Extension Cable for Loudspeaker, DC Power Lead, Fuse Kit and P25 Conventional License.

There is an optional upgrade to a full keypad controller microphone.

If you have any queries relating to this product, please feel free to contact us and one of our specialists will be happy to help.

Control Head Features

Control: Control Head and Mic
Channels: 1000
Display: 8 x 14 Characters
MPT1327 Trunking: User Selectable
P25 Compatible: Yes
Function Buttons: 12-button keypad, 6 programmable and 2 dedicated call buttons
Busy Channel Lockout: Yes
User/Fixed Scan Groups: 4/240 x 16 channels
Selcall: 8 Dec / 250 Enc
Ignition-Sense switch on/off: Yes
Vox Handsfree: Option
Internal GPS: Option
IO Expansion Interface: Option

P25 Operation Features

• P25CAP Compliant

• 40 zones

• 1500 channel pool

• Voting

• Trunked

• Scanning

• DES OFB and AES Encryption

• Individual Calls

• Emergency Call

• Analogue mode including scrambler, CTCSS, DCS, DTMF