Preventative ​Maintenance & Repairs

Minimal Downtime:

Some industries that work around the clock and don't stop. Whether it be construction, retail, mining, etc. Some workers heavily rely on their communication equipment to keep them safe. Radios that don't work can potentially cause an accident or seriously impact your staff's efficiency. We want to ensure there is minimal downtime for you and your team.

Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) are one of the best methods of getting a potential radio problem from ever occurring.
These also give the users confidence that their device is going to perform when they need it most.

PMI's mean our technicians come to you, a full site audit is done on all Portable and Mobile Radio Equipment. You are given a fleetmap of what passed and what needs fixing. With you permission we then take these radios back to the depot to complete the repairs and get you back up and running.


We have access to a qualified team of Radio Technicians who can assess your radios when work is less busy. Some of our customers send all their radios at once and other customers who trickle them through one at a time.