Need Two Way Radios for your team this weekend? We have access to a rental fleet that can cater to your event.
Renting units save your company money especially if you only need the radios for occasional events throughout the year.

Rental costs vary depending on rental length and unit quantity.
Optional accessories e.g spare batteries can also be rented.

Please e-mail us at
or contact us directly 0413 225 430

Sometimes you only need radios for a day, a weekend, a whole week. Whether it be for a music festival, a wedding, or you're moving warehouses. We cater to all industries and give you the option of audio accessories. 

G-Hook earpiece are popular in security and hospitality they sit comfortably on the ear and is perfect for discreet communications
Remote speaker microphones are great when you're on the work site and need your hands free to get the job done.